Session Tips


Avoid sunburn! Not only is it bad for you, it doesn't look good in photos and may require we reschedule your session.

Get plenty of sleep the night before your photo shoot. If desired, you can apply cold compresses to the area under your eyes to help reduce any puffiness (especially for early morning sessions).

Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner before your session so you aren't hungry during your photo shoot.

Be sure to arrive to your session with clean skin. If you have very oily skin, consider face blotting sheets to absorb the oil or makeup powder to reduce the shine. Dry, rashy, or flaky skin? Consider applying a moisturizer for a few days prior to your session. Please use an oil-free moisturizer the day of your session, if needed. Make sure your face, including your eyes and nose, are clean prior to your session.

Don't forget to brush and floss your teeth (and your children's teeth) before your session.

If you shave (i.e. facial hair, legs, underarms), please don't forget shave prior to your session.

Avoid eating foods that may stain your face and/or teeth for a day or so prior to your session as well as the day of your session. Examples of these foods include spaghetti, popsicles, colored juice, candy.

Acne before your photo shoot? Not to worry! I will remove acne from your photo selections. Skin imperfections such as birthmarks, scars, and severe acne can be removed at your request (for no additional fee).

If you're planning on getting a new haircut/style before your photo shoot, it is recommended that you do this a month or so prior to your session. Hair tends to look best after it has a chance to grow out a bit after a haircut. For those with colored hair who like their hair color better in the days/weeks following coloring, please remember this when scheduling your session so you can look and feel your best.

If you usually wear makeup, it is recommended that you wear it to your session the way you usually wear it and are comfortable with it. Use special care when applying eye makeup, as eyes are often a focal point in photographs.

Don't forget about your hands, feet (if they may appear in your photos), and nails! Make sure they look their best, as they will be appearing in your photos. Guys, this is for you, too! Please ensure any nail polish is not chipped. Have you been considering getting a manicure and/or pedicure? Your photo session is the perfect excuse to head to the salon.

If you wear glasses and would like to wear them during your session, if at all possible request a lens-free pair from your optometrist or ask to have your lenses removed. If you are unable to do either of these options, I will attempt to avoid lens glare during your photo shoot and remove any unavoidable glare during the photo editing process.

For sessions with children - For babies and young children who will be photographed outdoors sitting on the grass who may not be used to being on the grass, consider starting to spend time with them outside on the grass a week or two prior to your session. Some babies and young children may not like the grass at all or may like it so much that they are distracted playing with it. In these situations it may be difficult to get their attention and capture great images of them. Make playtime outside fun to help prepare them for their outdoor session.

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